Websites for SME’s

Connecting Schools to Businesses through
Certificate II Information Design and Media Technology

Welcome to the Website for SME’s Project, which is now an endorsed program for secondary schools across the Central Highlands. In 2013 the project was piloted in Moranbah and Dysart and they have now just begun their second year of the project.

Background Information:

The project originally developed by the Local Buying Foundation, who identified the opportunity to bring together schools

who were trying to engage students in real life learning with small businesses These small businesses needed a website to

help their business but were unable to afford the large overheads commonly associated with websites or did not have the

technical knowledge to do it themselves.

The Local Buying Foundation led by Tracey Cuttriss-Smith partnered with TM3 Training Solutions’ Melissa Westcott to develop

a resource that would work for both the schools and the businesses.

Over the course of 2013 the program was trialled in Moranbah and Dysart with 20 businesses actively engaging in the project and led to the successful launch or websites for many small business across the two communities. In 2014, the program extended to Emerald and Blackwater.

What is Wix:

Wix is a Content Management System (CMS) run through an HTML platform that allows for easy website development to suit small businesses and community groups. Wix allows the use of templates to create a foundation for a website which individuals can then develop into their own. An easy to use system allows anyone with basic computer skills to develop the ability to build their own website and also take it live.

How the Project Works:
  1. Schools Apply for Wix Access (10 weeks prior to start of the program)

  2. Schools are provided the training program and all resources

  3. EOI called for businesses in eligible communities

  4. Business packages are gathered

  5. Schools begin project

  6. Businesses review website

  7. Students complete project

  8. Finalized website is transferred to businesses for them to take live or develop further


The program is designed to be flexible so you can tailor it to suit your school, community and the small businesses in your town.

This program is for the exclusive use of Moranbah State High School, Dysart State High School, Emerald State High School, Marist College Emerald and Blackwater State High School. Use outside of these schools requires permission by TM3 Training Solutions and the Local Buying Community Foundation.

To find out how your school can be involved please contact TM3 Training Solutions.